Finger Pointing Is a Major Issue

Finger pointing is in fact a major issue in the world and of course in America.

It is not just in politics or sports or the work place but personally too.

Think about it, if there is in an issue what to we have a tendency to do?

Blame the other person or group for the problem, if they point out what you or your group has done then the counter many times is to point out what they themselves or their group has done wrong. 

People attempt to justify their own mistakes by pointing out that others make worse mistakes or given reasons and excuses as to why they made a mistake.

The burden of blame is passed around over and over.

Is this a new problem?


When Adam was confronted by God what did he do? He told God it was the woman who GOD had made that caused him to eat the fruit.

The woman of course blamed the serpent.

God did not take sides He held all accountable for their actions.

He will do the same to us.

The truth is here in America we have failed each other, our nation and our God by passing around blame.

We are so unrepentant for our behaviors and it is easy to be so. After all look what many others are doing? Look how ungodly many behave.

But does Jesus say to do that?


Jesus told use to remove the plank from our own eye than we can removed the speak from our neighbors eye.  

You may say you have removed a plank and now you can focus on your neighbor but don’t we all have so many planks in our eyes?

Of course I am not saying that you can’t confront others for their sins as a matter of fact the Bible does instruct us to do so. What I am saying is often we get so distracted about other’s sins and transgressions that we forget to work on ourselves.

This has been a big problem for me as of late.

Has it been for you?

I pray that we all can do better at being the light of the world, the hands and feet of Christ and of course accepting our blame and repenting.

Have a Blessed Week,

Genesis 3:

Matthew 7:3-5:

Heritage Baptist Church Weekly Online Service:

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