Spiritual Boxing Match

We hear often that we are all in spiritual warfare. This is both true and vastly important to remember.

For me it’s like a boxing match, sometimes I feel like I am getting overwhelmed with punches and I am going down. But we have to keep fighting no matter what.

Because in this fight the enemy we are battling is Satan and his demons.

It sounds scary when you think about it, like you are outmatched.

But the good news is you aren’t. The opposite. It’s impossible for you lose the fight.

This match will go the distance, it won’t end in a KO it will go until the time is up.

When you’re a Christian you have God on your side, He has trained you, He has given you all the tools you need to win.

Follow Him and you will win.

If you get knocked down God will help you up, He is right there in your corner.

It may feel like you lost a round but in the end God is the judge and He will declare victory to the winner.

And since you’re His you can’t lose.

Have a Blessed Week,

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Not Enough

Anyone else feel they’re hearing a lot of “fear not” scripture quotes but not enough, “don’t test your Lord your God” quotes?

In the world there never seems to be enough, people always want more and more while not focusing on what they do have.

I can be that way.

But for me from a Christian perspective there seems to be a lot of certain messages but not enough of other important messages, messages and requests that are from God and the Bible but are hard to hear and harder to execute.

We hear a lot about loving ourselves but not enough about loving others.

Others might say to pray for friends and loved ones but not enough praying for your enemies and those who hate you or think differently than you.

We hear people point out they must provide for themselves or their family but not enough that God is their provider.

We hear the world tell us to do you but not enough do what God intended for you to do.

There is a lot of condemning sin, there is a lot of condoning sin but not enough correction of sin directed at ourselves and others.

There is a lot of Sheppard’s but not enough sheep.

There is much focus on human forms of government but not enough focus on God’s Kingdom.

The list can go on and on.

My Pastor this Sunday preached about Jesus’ response about paying taxes, towards the end he pointed out what belongs to God is everything.

Everything is God’s.

And God is love.

So love everything.

Remember that in every circumstance and that will be enough.

Have a Blessed Week,



Finger Pointing Is a Major Issue

Finger pointing is in fact a major issue in the world and of course in America.

It is not just in politics or sports or the work place but personally too.

Think about it, if there is in an issue what to we have a tendency to do?

Blame the other person or group for the problem, if they point out what you or your group has done then the counter many times is to point out what they themselves or their group has done wrong. 

People attempt to justify their own mistakes by pointing out that others make worse mistakes or given reasons and excuses as to why they made a mistake.

The burden of blame is passed around over and over.

Is this a new problem?


When Adam was confronted by God what did he do? He told God it was the woman who GOD had made that caused him to eat the fruit.

The woman of course blamed the serpent.

God did not take sides He held all accountable for their actions.

He will do the same to us.

The truth is here in America we have failed each other, our nation and our God by passing around blame.

We are so unrepentant for our behaviors and it is easy to be so. After all look what many others are doing? Look how ungodly many behave.

But does Jesus say to do that?


Jesus told use to remove the plank from our own eye than we can removed the speak from our neighbors eye.  

You may say you have removed a plank and now you can focus on your neighbor but don’t we all have so many planks in our eyes?

Of course I am not saying that you can’t confront others for their sins as a matter of fact the Bible does instruct us to do so. What I am saying is often we get so distracted about other’s sins and transgressions that we forget to work on ourselves.

This has been a big problem for me as of late.

Has it been for you?

I pray that we all can do better at being the light of the world, the hands and feet of Christ and of course accepting our blame and repenting.

Have a Blessed Week,

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Don’t Form Your Own Bible

I’ve written before that people use the Bible to justify their opinions rather than use the Bible to form their opinions. They will say “I feel this. Jesus said this and that matches how I feel.” But they ignore the other things Jesus said or did so that way they can live how they want. This leads people to walking around with their own version of Jesus’ character and the Bible.

That is why it is so important to remember the Bible is not going to tell you one answer that relates to all issues. You have to cross reference and know the situation otherwise you are missing so much in the Bible.

You can’t take one or two scripture and think it’s the end all be all of life. If you do then you will end up with a very tiny Bible.

Know the Bible, know the situation and use your discernment to determine how to react in a Christian manner.

Have a Blessed Week,

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