Islam’s Biggest Problem

With Holy Week week approaching we Christians always reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection.

But today I want to look into the historical side of Jesus of Nazareth, particularly comparing the Jesus of the Bible and Historical documents to the Jesus or Isa of the Quran. 

It is estimated that we have 30 independent sources written by 25 different authors from around the time Jesus walked the Earth. Which is a staggering amount for an ancient historical figure. Jesus’ death on the cross is part of history and can not truly be denied. Atheists, Christians and other religious (non-muslim) historians are in a consensus that Jesus died on the cross. To the point that Atheist historian and vocal Bible critic Bart Ehrman said, “One of the most certain facts of history is that Jesus was crucified on orders of the Roman prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate.” 

But what does the Quran say? The Quran says Jesus AKA Isa did not die on the cross but only someone of His likeness. The Quran which was written between 610-632 AD. Long after Jesus walked the Earth. There is no reason to believe a source that contradicts other documents that were written long after the original documents. 

Jesus’ death on the cross is a historical fact. There is no evidence of someone else dying in His place. 

We only have words written close to 600 years after Jesus walked the Earth. 

No one died in Jesus’ place, Jesus died in our place. 

Because we deserved death and hell, He saved us with His sacrifice. 

Muhammad claimed an angel visited him with the truth, just like Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism, just like several other religions that claim they have special knowledge about the truth of God. It is always an Angel with the message to contradict the Bible. Did these people make all this up or were they visited by someone or something? If so, then who or what? 

Well I believe the Bible has that answer…

2 Corinthians 11:14 ESV: “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

There is the answer. Think about it, because we Christian’s believe Jesus defeated satan and the grave by dying on the cross and being resurrected, man wouldn’t it be convenient to the devil if he could convince people it never happened? 

Don’t be deceived, follow the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

Have a Blessed Week, 


The Real Reason People Go To Hell

It is often said that people go to hell because they do not put their faith in God and believe in the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. 

Christians say this to non-believers and non-believers use that as an excuse to why Christianity is unfair. They say things like, “I’m a good person and just because I don’t believe in God you tell me I have to go to hell?”

There is major folly in this argument. 

Because while people are saved by faith in Christ Jesus through His sacrifice on the cross. 

People do NOT go to hell for their lack of faith. 

People go to hell because they’re sinners and deserve punishment. 

We must make this clear.


Because people don’t understand the seriousness of their sin, people don’t understand the weight of their sin.

People don’t understand how pure and holy God is. He is a righteous and fair judge, therefore sin must be atoned for. 

If someone rejects Jesus’ atonement for their sins than they must pay themselves because that is what a good judge does. 

A good judge doesn’t say, “Well even though you committed this crime or wronged this person you seem like a good person therefore I will let you go free without punishment.” 

That would be a bad judge, that would be unjust. A good and just judge must punish those who have done wrong.

Which we all have.

All of us our sinners. 

I am a sinner who deserves hell.

My faith is what saves me but my sin is what condemns me.

If you reject the truth of the Gospel you will go to hell for your sins.

Think of it this way.

If a car thief is offered a deal to plead guilty and avoid jail time but they reject the offer and are found guilty; They’re going to jail not because they turned down the plea deal, they’re going to jail because they’re a car thief.

If you reject Jesus’ payment for your sins you will go to hell for your sins.

Repent and Believe.


So Then Tell Someone 

My brain is always going. It never stops, whether I am thinking about my day, problems, theology, sports, some imaginative daydream or anything else. My brain is always going. 

One of my most common things I think about is how I would like to respond in a Christian, biblically based way to issues. Whether about morals, politics, news, religion. I think about what I would like to say, or what I would have said. 

I go into a daydream about encountering someone who is anti-God and anti-Christian and telling them the truth of the Gospel, the truth about who Jesus Christ is. 

I think about it from all different angles, logically, morally, scripturally, etc. I think about what I could say. 

I think and think and think. Often I get emotional about it. Anger at those who mock the faith but also sadness and pity. I have thoughts like, “If they only knew the truth, if they only knew how beautiful Christianity is and how much God loves them”.  

It hurts me to see so many on the path to hell, rejecting their savior. 

Recently in one of my daydreams thinking about what I could say to a person, I heard in my mind, “So Tell Someone”. Since than I have used that sentence as a way to focus my mind away from getting caught up in a daydream fantasy about arguing with someone about Christianity. The reason is I realized that my daydreams are just to comfort me from my pain, rather than allowing God to comfort me and instruct me on how to go about and serve Him, proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom. 

If you struggle with this or something similar. Pray for boldness and go tell someone, anyone about Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit do the main work, you just serve God and share about Jesus. 

Tell someone. 

Tell someone about God, tell someone about Jesus, tell someone about how the Father loves us so much that He gave His Son to die on a cross so that our sins would be atoned for. That He loves, He cares for us, that we have value in His eyes. No one can love us or value us more than the true and living God. 

Tell someone today! 

Have a Blessed Week, 

What Does It Mean To Fear God?

We read in scripture that we must fear God. 

We hear Pastors talk about the “fear of God”. Sometimes in angry ways that are designed to scare you. 

We hear those who oppose Christianity use the “fear of God” as an argument against the faith. 

But what does it truly mean to “fear God”? 

I am not a theologian by any means but from Bible studies and listening to different sermons and teachings I think I understand what it means to “fear God”. 

But first I want to talk about the word “fear”. People have changed the meaning of the word fear to make it out to be something only in an abusive, unhealthy way. 

There is a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. 

We fear all kinds of people. We fear people like police officers, our bosses and when we were kids our parents.

We don’t use the word “fear” anymore to describe it; we just talk about the consequences not the emotion. 

When we don’t speed in front of a police officer we don’t say it is because we fear the officer, we say so we don’t get a ticket. (You shouldn’t speed anyway). 

We obey the rules at work and tell people we do so that way our boss doesn’t reprimand or fire us. 

If someone asked why we did our chores, listened to the rules and obeyed our parents as kids it was so we wouldn’t get in trouble. 

You might focus on the consequences not the emotion but in reality think about it. 

When you get pulled over, or called into your bosses office or told to sit on the couch by your parents when you know you did the wrong thing, what did you feel? (or what should you have felt?)


It’s a healthy fear. 

Think about it some more, do you think it’s healthy for a person to have no fear of police or the law? That produces criminal activity. What kind of awful environment work would be if no one feared their boss and did whatever they wanted. I don’t need to even mention how terrible a child behaves that has no discipline or fear of the consequences of their actions. 

We need healthy fear. 

Because at the end of the day a truly good, fair and just police officer is someone who will make you feel safe despite you knowing if you break the law they would have to take you to jail. 

A good boss who you respect can make all the difference in a work environment, people grow to love and respect their bosses even though they know that boss may have to discipline them or even fire them. 

And how much does a good child love their parents even after all the discipline the parent had to put them through?

Let’s look at the other side of this. 

If a police officer uses his power to abuse someone and pervert justice you would be afraid of that officer because he instills a different kind of fear. 

If you have to walk around on eggshells at work knowing your boss may lose it or fire you at any moment, that is a different kind of fear. 

If you had to do your chores and follow the rules when you were a kid because a parent or parents would beat you or scream at you that is a different kind of fear. 

That’s not just fear that’s an unhealthy, abusive fear. 

That is not how to “fear God”. 

We are called to fear God in a healthy manner. 

I know what God is capable of, it makes me fear Him but it also makes me love Him. 

Because no one is more loving, good, fair and just then God, this makes me feel safe. 

I love God and I fear God, and my fear of God draws me closer to God, the closer I draw to God makes me love Him all the more. 

Have a Blessed Week,