Interpreting God’s Plans

Often times we put God in this small box. He is the creator of the Universe but we think of God in ways only the human mind can comprehend. Someone will interpret scripture and draw conclusions from the Word. Then Pastors start preaching the interpretation and it becomes unchallenged fact.

I watched a movie which explains exactly how the End Times will play out. The narrator gave all the details in a very matter of fact way. All of this was based off of an interpretation that had been passed down and added to over the years. If you read Revelation and many scriptures on the End Times it can be confusing. Almost as if God doesn’t want us to know exactly how it will play out.

The Lords focus always seems to be on preparing the Kingdom on Earth. Remember, “Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Maybe we should focus on that, rather than what is to came later.

We must be ready for Christ return but we also need to show the Lord what we can do for the New Earth by taking care of the present Earth and those who are on it.
As far as those think they have all the answers, just remember one group of men thought they knew exactly what the coming of the Messiah was going to be like. Those men were the Pharisee’s. They and the people that listened to them missed out on the first coming. Lets not be foolish and miss the awesome second coming because we think we have it all figured out.

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