Dealing with Hostility to God

“There is no evidence for God”

“I don’t believe in imaginary Men in the Sky”

If someone tries to argue with them on the issue they say, “That’s a straw man argument!”

You ever see these comments? Any article that has anything to do with God always has these type of comments. They claim that there is no science to back up the existence of God. The entire universe isn’t enough. Every creature, every plant, every natural thing on this Earth serves a purpose.

We know that everything on Earth comes from something or someone but we are supposed to believe that the Universe comes from nothing and is completely random.

The mathematical possibility of such a thing occurring is laughable. They claim there is no scientific books on God, that is a lie. There are hundreds of books dedicated to the matter. Also look at some of the most famous scientists in history, many were Christians.

Isaac Newton wrote more about God and Christianity then he did Science. Isaac Newton!

BILLIONS believe in God, the second majority are agnostic and the smallest group are outright atheists. They just are the most vocal on the internet, they spend so much of their time ridiculing religious people on the internet in comments sections or videos or in conversation.

They truly believe there is no God and they will have only a short time on Earth, yet they spend that precious time being angry and criticizing people who do believe in God. For a group that claims to be “Rational” and “Logical” that is the opposite of both.

Try not to get upset with these people, they are lost. It’s hard to do when you see someone disrespect God, who we love so much. But instead pray for them, show them love, its a personal relationship with God that will seal the deal. They have their minds made up, we can’t change them, only God can. Pray that their hard hearts will be softened and they will come to God.

God Bless you all.


One thought on “Dealing with Hostility to God

  1. The Good Word August 12, 2021 / 6:18 pm

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    Throwback Thursday. I really hadn’t done a lot of Bible study or apologetics study before this entry but I still think the entry holds up.


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