The Importance of reading the entire Bible.

Throwback Thursday 6-3-21

The Good Word

Often times as Christians we get confused. We are uncertain on an issue so we go to a Pastor or watch a video or read an article to figure out the answer to questions.

Sometimes though the Pastor’s view differs from the article you just read. Both the Pastor and the author of the article quoted scripture, so who is right? This can led to more confusion, frustration and even anger. Sometimes people even fall away from the Church or God because they don’t know what to believe anymore.

It’s very easy for someone to manipulate scripture to fit their idea. Many times its unintentional, they saw a verse and ran with it. But God doesn’t work that way.

You have to read the full Bible not just one verse. It can seem overwhelming but don’t let that effect you. Call out to the Lord for help with your reading.

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The Homeless Woman

Years ago my wife attended college in the city of Baltimore, one evening I joined her for an event at the University and on the way back we saw a homeless woman at a traffic light, she looked gruff, tired and clearly had a rough, rough life. I pointed her out to my wife.

She told me, “Oh yeah she is out here every day. It’s depressing, every corner and traffic light they’re struggling people that need help.”

She went on to tell me it seems never ending and hopeless at times. Whether you give money or food or water or any type of essential item to a person there is always ten more you can’t help. But she told me she still helped in ways she could.

The before mentioned woman approached our car, let’s just say she seemed not of sound mind, my wife gave her some money and a few kind words. The woman didn’t make eye contact with her and mumbled something we couldn’t understand.

But then when she walked back to the side walk she looked to the sky and shouted towards the Heavens, “THANK YOU GOD!”

She was joyous to receive such a little seemingly insignificant amount of money.

You see her mind may not be right but her soul is.

And that means she has more wisdom than many brilliant minds on this Earth who deny God.

It also means despite her situation on Earth she has more treasures than any rich men who don’t value God but instead their money.

She is a child of God and that’s what matters most in her heart.

That is what should matter most in all of our hearts.

Have a Blessed Week,

The story of my Bible

I was finally taking my Christianity seriously, that’s what I told myself. I was looking for a NIV Bible but hadn’t taken the time to actually go out and get one. What I did take time to do was go to Rita’s for the free Italian Ice day. Myself and my fiance (now wife) got our a treat and while eating we noticed a little thrift store right next to it. We decided to go inside, they had all different kinds of things, we walked around and then I noticed there was a trunk full of Bibles, NIV in fact. I asked how much one cost and the man told me he just keeps them here to give out to people. I thanked the man and quickly grabbed one after my fiance and I paid for our items we picked out.

It felt special, even though it was a basic bible, not the fancy kind you see on amazon with pictures and gold pages but it felt special because it was exactly what I needed, even though I hadn’t taken the time to go out and seek it. I also remember thinking about how great it was that the man was giving away Bibles in his store, spreading the Word of God without trying to make any money off of it.

I took the Bible home, I decided I was going to read it cover to cover. Shortly into my reading I became overwhelmed, I remembered Solomon asking for wisdom from God, so I prayed and after I did the Bible started to flow into my mind everything made sense. After reading the whole Bible, I got an idea of God’s FULL story, it answered so many questions. I understood how God has never changed, he always showed us love and compassion. His people continued to reject him but God always forgave. The Father sent his Son to bring the World back to the way he intended it to be, filled with the same love, compassion and forgiveness he shows to us.

However that does not mean I was being a good child of God. Years past and things slowly became harder and harder in life. It seemed life was worse as a Christian rather than better. There was many struggles my fiance and I faced, financially, both our Dad’s health declined and eventually died. We didn’t know where we were going next in our life. I lashed out at God and wanted to know where he was? Why was all these things happening without a real answer as to what to do? I wanted to know why Jesus couldn’t come back sooner? How bad is the World going to get before enough is enough?

I ended up throwing my Bible onto the floor, the outside of the spine was broken. The Bible I had through my journey for the past few years was damaged. I felt extreme guilt, I felt my Bible was ruined. But then I opened it.

God’s words were not damaged, they never could be damaged. 

I kept that Bible and will always have that Bible as a reminder of personal struggle, a reminder to keep faith strong and that even though we or our things in our life may be broken God’s covenant with us will never be.

I realized God came into my life at the perfect time, struggles were coming and I don’t know how I would have got past them without God. He was right there with me the whole time, the answers were there I just needed to listen. Jesus will return at the right time but in the meantime God wants as many people saved as possible, so when it looks like the World is so dark that’s when the light of the World needs to shine. That is when us Christians need to do everything we can to make the World a better place. Like God wants.