Sin Is Like Time

(Note: I have to give all credit to God on this entry, this one comes straight from Him.)

One day while running late to work, I began to feel guilty and since I had woken up early, a bit shocked as to how this could have happened.

I heard the Lord say this to me…

When it comes to time you have to be careful. When you think you have leeway you begin to make mistakes. You allow yourself to get distracted, focus on unnecessary tasks and before you know it those small things turn into a big problem. 

As it is with time it is also with sin. 

I didn’t understand so I asked for more detail and I heard…

Just like with time, sin can creep up on you. You think you have nothing to fear and you make a mistake or do something you would consider a “small” sin but the truth is there is no small sin. All sins are sins. What you may consider a “small” sin just leads to more sin. 

You continue to sin and before you know it a big consequence has occurred because of your first “small” sin. 

So as it is with time it is also with sin. 

I thank the Lord for giving me that message filled with so much truth.

Another connection when it comes to sin and time is the fact you can’t make up for either. What I mean by that is you can’t go back and change time or your sins. All you can do is focus on the now.

That is why you must go to the One who is above time and can you forgive you of all your sins.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Have a Blessed Week,