The Homeless Woman

Years ago my wife attended college in the city of Baltimore, one evening I joined her for an event at the University and on the way back we saw a homeless woman at a traffic light, she looked gruff, tired and clearly had a rough, rough life. I pointed her out to my wife.

She told me, “Oh yeah she is out here every day. It’s depressing, every corner and traffic light they’re struggling people that need help.”

She went on to tell me it seems never ending and hopeless at times. Whether you give money or food or water or any type of essential item to a person there is always ten more you can’t help. But she told me she still helped in ways she could.

The before mentioned woman approached our car, let’s just say she seemed not of sound mind, my wife gave her some money and a few kind words. The woman didn’t make eye contact with her and mumbled something we couldn’t understand.

But then when she walked back to the side walk she looked to the sky and shouted towards the Heavens, “THANK YOU GOD!”

She was joyous to receive such a little seemingly insignificant amount of money.

You see her mind may not be right but her soul is.

And that means she has more wisdom than many brilliant minds on this Earth who deny God.

It also means despite her situation on Earth she has more treasures than any rich men who don’t value God but instead their money.

She is a child of God and that’s what matters most in her heart.

That is what should matter most in all of our hearts.

Have a Blessed Week,