New Year 2022

It’s a new year and it is also a snow day in my town. We don’t get many snow days anymore where I live. Nice to have a big one especially since the Christmas decorations are still out.

Any who, I hope everyone had a nice week now it’s time to focus on the topic at hand.

One of the common themes of my blog is “The World vs. God”. With the new year being here the world is trying to set goals and resolutions for 2022. It’s all about how to make you better and make your life better. Many make these goals and fail quickly, leading to them having the same new goals and resolutions the following year.

I wrote before that you don’t need a new year just a new moment with God.

And that’s true, furthermore though God makes all things new and He can make you new as well. If we focus on Him, trust in Him and submit to Him than “our goals” can instead become about becoming the person God wants us to be instead of the person we want to be.

Have a Blessed Year,

PS-The blog I just wrote was directed at believers but the truth is if you’re out there reading this and our not a Christian, I want to tell you something even better than a new life from goals and resolutions.

I want to tell you about the new life and only true new life which can be found in Jesus Christ.

The truth is nothing in or on this world can truly make you a new person, you will always have your past and no matter what you do you cannot fully make up for sins and transgressions.

The only hope you have to a truly new life and new beginning is if you give your life to Jesus Christ.

He died for your sins and then rose from the dead so whoever believes in Him can have eternal life. Surrender your life and have faith in God, for it is your only way to be saved and to be truly a new person.

Scripture Reading Plan:

Monday – Isaiah 43:1-7

Tuesday – Psalm 29

Wednesday – Acts 8:14-17

Thursday – Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 

New Year’s

Hello, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


Anyone else feel 2019 has just flown by? I know it seems that way for me.


As we reflect on all that has occurred over the last year, let’s make sure to thank God for all His blessings He has given us. He has been with us through the good and bad moments, the trials and the victories. He has been with us through it all.


I know many of us make New Year’s Resolutions but one amazing thing about God is you don’t need a new year or a new month or a new week or even a new day. With the Lord you just need a new moment.


Give yourself over to God, He can change your life today.


Have a Blessed Week and a Happy New Year!




PS-If you could keep my family and I in your prayers I’d appreciate it. My older brother, his child and girlfriend are dealing with stomach flu, while my side are dealing with a cold.