Worn Out

What gets you worn down? The answer for me is A LOT of things. I am constantly worn down. I struggle with depression, anxiety and obsessive, compulsive behavior. I am constantly worrying about the what if’s in life or how horrible something could go. I make schedules, write out pros and cons, check locks over and over again, reorganize things, I will probably re-read this five or six times before I hit post.

I try all these human made things to make my life the best or most efficient it could possibly be but it just ends up wearing me out worse. I’ll tell myself just to turn to God but then I feel guilty for things I have done, or situations I wasn’t being a good Christian. This leads to me just wanting to shut off from the World and many times from God.

The truth is, that no amount of planning or checking or figuring out the best solution will work as well as taking your problem to God. Take everything to him and let go of your worry. Let go of all the built up anger for people in your life, let go of all the guilt about your own life and trust in him. Don’t focus on pleasing others, do what God wants.

Most importantly, forgive. Forgive others for what they have done to you and forgive yourself for what you feel you have done wrong. Remember as Christ was dying he asked the father to forgive the people responsible for his pain.

Find peace in your life.

God Bless