Mother’s Day A Follow Up

Last week was Mother’s Day and I had some extra thoughts that just didn’t fit the blog.

I talked about honoring Jesus and the Mothers out there but what about those who feel like they can’t or shouldn’t honor their mothers?

A great way to honor Jesus is by honoring your Mother like it is commanded, love her and look at her like a blessing from God.

I know this can be tough for those who have been hurt by parents but even if your relationship is strained show love to your Mother. Even if you feel harmed by your Mother or feel they don’t love you like they should, even if you consider your mother an enemy show them love anyway.

Remember God says to love your enemies so of course we have to love our mother no matter what.

That doesn’t mean we have to allow them to hurt us or that gives a mother a free pass for their behavior.

But you can still love your mother by trying to reconcile with them.

Some may have lost their mother or reconciling with their Mother may be impossible right now so instead give a gift to God today and honor Him by forgiving your Mother.

Forgive them even if they don’t accept it.

It will be a blessing.

And God will see it as such.

Have a Blessed Week,

Bible Verses on Forgiveness:

Understanding Forgiveness:

Mother’s Day 2021

It is Mother’s Day again which is always an emotional time for many.

I reflected on last year’s Mother’s Day post and the first thing that stood out was that we were beginning to face a difficult time that no one truly knew how it was all going to go.

Things are still a bit scary, some may have lost mothers or seen their mothers lives effected by the virus.

Of course many people lost Mother’s or saw their Mother struggle from things that had nothing to do with virus.

I am also not forgetting the Mothers who may be reading this who have their own struggles.

But there is hope in the improvements that appear to be going on compared to last year.

Sometimes it may not seem that way but in all our struggles we can turn to Jesus who is our true hope.

If this day is tough on you turn to Him and rest in Him in your past, current or future struggles rest in the Prince of Peace.

Come to Him those who are burdened.

Come to Him those who are celebrating.

Come to Him in everything.

We should honor God every day, today is no different.

But today we also honor you mothers out there.

So Have a Happy Mother’s Day and May God Bless You,

Bible Verses for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there.

Mother’s are truly a blessing from God.

I know this is a difficult and scary time nevertheless, this is a day we honor you.

God Bless you for all you have to done for your children.

I know how much my Mother has done for me especially in my spiritual growth. Through out my life she always talked to me about church, faith and God. She gave me many Christian items from church and different Bibles and books through out my life.

I have a bookshelf with a “Christian Books” section and much of the books and little extra things part of the display are from my Mother.

She has been loving and kind, a true Christian mother and I thank God for her.

Thank you Mom for everything and I love you.


PS-Some Bible Verses for Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all the mother’s out there had a good Mother’s Day.

Been a crazy weekend, posting an article from Bible Study Tools for my weekly post.

This is the 25 Best Mother’s Day Bible Verses.

Really nice read not just for women but men as well.

Have a blessed week,