A Wounded Person

I was praying for someone who is dear to me, they have a lot of anger and pain in their life and during the prayer I was wondering what more I could do for the person or maybe if I had done something different maybe they wouldn’t have gotten so angry in the situation.

But the Lord laid this on my heart. What I could have done would have just been a temporary solution, a quick fix that wouldn’t help long term.

It’s like this, if you have a wound that has become infected you must treat the wound to heal the infection. Placing a bandage over the wound or taking something for the pain is a temporary solution. The infection must be treated.

But if treatment fails and the part of the body that is infected is damaging and destroying the rest of you then you must remove the part that is infected.

If there is something or someone that is damaging you or destroying you, there must be treatment and God is the best medicine.

However if the problem is unfixable then it must be cut out of your life.

If there is a person in your life who is going through this you can help administer the medicine. Minister to them, show the love of God to them, show to them that God can fix them.

However be careful their wound may be contagious. Have the Armor of God on, let Him be your medicine as well.

God is the great healer, take the medicine He prescribes.

Have a Blessed Week,