Independence Day Prayer

Yesterday was Independence Day in America, here is a prayer I found.

“Dear Lord,

There is no greater feeling of liberty than to experience freedom from sin and death that you provided for me through Jesus Christ. Today my heart and my soul are free to praise you. For this, I am very thankful.

On this Independence Day, I am reminded of all those who have sacrificed for my freedom, following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ. Let me not take my freedom, both physical and spiritual, for granted. May I always remember that a very high price was paid for my freedom. My freedom cost others their very lives.

Lord, today, bless those who have served and continue to give their lives for my freedom. With favor and bounty, meet their needs and watch over their families.

Dear Father, I am so thankful for this nation. For all the sacrifices others have made to build and defend this country, I am grateful. Thank you for the opportunities and freedoms we have in the United States of America. Help me never to take these blessings for granted.

Help me to live my life in a way that glorifies you, Lord. Give me the strength to be a blessing in someone’s life today, and grant me the opportunity to lead others into the freedom that can be found in knowing Jesus Christ.

In your name, I pray.


Source and Other Prayers for Independence Day:

Daily Bible Readings:

Monday – 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12-19

Tuesday – Psalm 24

Wednesday – Ephesians 1:3-14

Thursday – Mark 6:14-29

God in Modern America

Throwback Thursday for 4th of July

The Good Word

God is everywhere in America. Christianity is the number one religion, there are thousands of churches. He is mentioned in America’s most important documents, God’s word shaped our laws and foundation. Even “In God We Trust”, is on our money.

But unfortunately God is not in the hearts of many Americans.

The truth is Christians helped mold this nation more than any other group.

I highly suggest watching the PBS documentary, “God in America”, which is available here…

If you watch that series truly you will see how involved Christianity was in America throughout its history.

One point people always bring up to argue against having God’s influence on the nation is the separation of church and state but what many don’t realize is that law was put in place to protect the church from the government interfering and discriminating against churches. The law was based on a letter…

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Lies Are Lies and That’s the Truth

People will always make excuses for telling lies, they call them white lies but lies are lies. Lies are not only sin but they’re just like sin, both lying and sin just lead to more and worse lies and sin.

The Bible calls Satan the “Father of Lies” don’t be his child be a child of the Good Father, be a child of God who not only speaks the truth but is the Truth.

I have a story to prove the goodness of truth and faithfulness of God.

A man was in prison unjustly, a prisoner of the faith. He and his fellow prisoners decided to attempt to stage an escape, the prison itself was on an island so they decided to little by little find wood and build a boat. After a long time they finally had a boat ready that they hoped could get them to freedom.

They managed to sneak out but when they came around a corner there were two guards. One of them asked, “Are you trying to escape?”

The man knowing it was a sin to lie decided to be faithful to God’s word and said, “Yes.”

The guard said, “Good, so are we. Let’s go.”

The two guards led them out of the prison. They got on the boat and fled.

However the story doesn’t end there. You see when they got out to sea, a storm came and began to knock the little boat around But as it turned out the two guards were also sailors. The guards navigated the storm and they made it to freedom.

The man said if the guards weren’t with them they would not have survived.

All glory to God.

You see the truth can and will set you free (in some instances in more ways than one). 

So be in truth, be in God and have a blessed week,


True Freedom Means Dependence On God.

This past Saturday we in American celebrated Independence Day. A day where we celebrate our freedom but the truth is many in this country and in the world are not free no matter what type of country they live in or what type of government they have.

In reality true freedom comes from God.

Only He provides you with true freedom.

Freedom from sin and destruction.

Freedom from this world that hates what is good and loves what is evil.

Freedom from all your past mistakes.

Freedom from those chains that hold you down.

Freedom from the darkness in your life.

Freedom from the lies of this world.

God is the truth and the truth can set you free.

Have a Blessed Week,


Independence Day is this Thursday. We celebrate being free.

But while many celebrate being free they truly aren’t.

The only way to true freedom is through God and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.

Those who are not followers of the Way are still ensnared and enslaved by their sins and ultimately death. Some are ignorant to this while others don’t seem to care.

But God freed us from our sins and death.

The new culture and society teaches us to love self, get as much money and pleasure as you can. YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the motto.

But our souls are eternal, we can have ever lasting life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Or we can refuse and accept an eternity separated from God.

I’ve heard some say Christianity is restricting and they left the faith because they always felt guilty and judged after making mistakes.

How sad is that?

That is not what God expects.

It’s society that expects perfection. Your always judged on your looks, your money, what you own, what you do. Society pretends to build you up but they can’t wait for your first mistake to tear you down.

If perfection was possible in God’s eyes Jesus wouldn’t have had to sacrifice Himself on the cross for us.

God loves you no matter what.

The Lord died for your sins because He chose to accept you as your imperfect self.

All He asks is for you to love Him back.

How freeing is that?

So let’s show the world what it is like to truly be free. Praise God in both the good and the bad times, show how He has positively influenced your life in every way.

There is nothing more free than being a child of God.

That is something to be celebrated every day of the year.

Have a blessed week,