The Importance of Rest

I can’t begin to tell you the importance of rest. If you’re exhausted you need to take time to re-energize. Go with the Lord and relax. Spend quality time with Him. Take a vacation with the Lord.

Society has told us how important it is to work hard, God would agree with that but society tells us those who rest are weak. Some won’t even use their paid time off from their jobs, thinking it will make them look good if they just keep going.

It won’t look good when you burn out completely and break down.

The Bible tells us differently. We need our rest. Even God rested. Genesis 2:2, “2And on the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on that day He rested from all. His work -. ” 

In the Bible God orders us to rest as He did.

I’m leaving you with a link to some Bible verses on the importance of rest.

Have a blessed week,

Hating the World vs. Loving the World Part 2

We can love God’s World, the true World.

Marvel at his creation. I was just spending a day with the wife at our apartment’s community pool. I was floating looking up at the clouds and a tree that overhangs the pool.

Wow. Something so simple that we take for granted is beautiful when you actually take the time to look at it.

Think about God’s creation. It’s not just the beauty of it all. Everything serves a purpose, from the smallest to the largest. That tree in all its splendor helps us breath as well. It’s a home for an animal. Cut down and it would be used for so many things we use on a day to day basis.

God’s creation is stunning.

We too have our purpose. Don’t let someone tell you that you don’t matter, that you are a small insignificant person in a giant universe. You matter, you serve a purpose. Every day you do something that someone else doesn’t. They’re people who love you and care about you. Most importantly God cares about you.

The creator of it all cares about you.

His creation is amazing and he is still creating.

Love the things Jesus loved to do when he was on Earth. Love spending time with your family, friends, enjoy a good meal together. Love wholesome things. Go to a party or two. Love helping others and doing the work your Father wants you to do.

God loves us. He wants us to be happy. Love the good things, if it doesn’t involve sin, enjoy it.
Hate the sinful, bad things of the World. Hate injustice, evil and things that go against God.

God loves mercy, compassion and kindness.

God loves the whole World, love is the key to everything. Love God, love yourself, and love your neighbor. Love is stronger than hate. Let’s trounce what we are called to hate with the overwhelming love of God.

Have a blessed week.