High Standards, Higher Grace

At Men’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday we planned on discussing Matthew 5-7 but in the end we didn’t even get through Chapter 5 because there is so much to unpack.

One point that was brought up was the difficulty of doing a lot of what Jesus is saying.

During the discussion it came to me, “high standards, higher grace”.

We do have high standards to follow as Christians but the Grace of God far exceeds are failures.

This does not give us a license to sin or ignore God’s commands.

No it should give you hope and more reason to follow God’s commands. Because while God’s standards are high it’s not just His grace that is higher but His love and His mercy.

Have a Blessed Week,

Matthew Chapter 5:

So What Are You Going To Do About It?

My Pastor yesterday preached a great sermon yesterday on Isaiah 1:1,10-20. There is a lot I could unpack as there is a lot that stood out to me but the truth is I want to focus on one part at least for now.

A little note on my Pastor, he likes to stay informed. He listens and reads to all different sides of an issue to understand things. During the sermon he mentioned how people love to call into radio programs and complain, they get very worked up and angry. They complain, vent and complain some more. One particular radio host likes to ask the caller at the end of their rant, “Now what are you going to do about it?”

I don’t know who that radio host is or what they believe but what a great question to ask.

We get upset, angry, grieved about the sins of the world and we are justified in those emotions. There is so much evil, pain and sorrow in the world.

But after thinking about these things lets ask ourselves, “Now what are you going to do about it?”

What we need to do about it is follow Christ and live a self sacrificial life of servitude to God. Spreading the Gospel not just in our words but in our actions. Love people, take care of people, tell them about their savior.

Because the true answer to the question, “Now what are you going to do about it?” is what God wants me to do about it.

Have a Blessed Week,

Scripture Reading Plan:

Monday – Isaiah 5:1-7

Tuesday – Psalm 82

Wednesday – Hebrews 11:29-12:2 (Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16)

Thursday – Luke 12:49-56

Orthodox Easter

Usually on Thursdays I re-post an old entry for “Throwback Thursday”. However instead this week I am going to post an article of something that is a Throwback to my old life. I grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church and I get a lot of questions when I mention this so today I will be posting an article about “Orthodox Easter”.

Without further ado here is the article…


Limiting the Gospel Part II

Last week I wrote about how we limit the Gospel to just the end of Jesus’ story, this week I want to talk about another way we limit the Gospel.

And that is how we spread the Gospel.

They’re many different methods that get discussed on how to talk to someone about the Gospel and they’re mostly super helpful.

The problem comes when people start criticizing others for how they spread the Gospel. 

The truth is we have no idea how someone might accept Jesus. The traditional ways of preaching are most effective but let’s not be a stumbling block to the Gospel by limiting how the Gospel is preached.

I am going to give two unique examples.

Tim Mackie of the Bible Project has a unique testimony. He was a teenager who liked to skateboard, he started attending a place called, “Skate Church” a place where youth could come and skate but the catch was at a certain point in the day skating would stop and a church service would begin. Most people including Tim Mackie tolerated the service just so they could have free place to skate.

Well eventually Tim got hooked on the Bible and became a Christian through this church skateboard community. Not exactly how you would expect a teenager or anyone to come to Christ is it?

Another interesting story is from a book I read which unfortunately I can’t recall the name of. A woman wrote about her friend who she had tried and tried to convince to come to church. He always refused but then one day decided to do so. The Pastor that particular Sunday ended up reading from the Bible the Census from Numbers. The woman was so upset and couldn’t believe it. She felt her friend would be so bored the entire time. She was hoping for a powerful sermon delivered from God through her Pastor.

As it just so happens her friend gave his life to Christ right after service. Why? Because the man had been searching for family his whole life. You see his family didn’t care about each other; they did not value each other. The census from Numbers proved that God cared about family, He cared so much He had the Israelites record every persons names.

These are just two examples, I’ve heard many more ways that are special and unique but the point is don’t limit how the Gospel is preached. We never know what will be the point someone accepts Christ.

Preach the Gospel, the full, true and beautiful Gospel.

It’s the only thing.

Have a Blessed Week,


Monday – Isaiah 55:1-9

Tuesday – Psalm 63:1-8

Wednesday – 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Thursday – Luke 13:1-9

Part II (His Way Church)

This is part two of my first ever blog series from 2016. His Way Church was special. My wife and I got married there, we have a lot of good memories. Reading this again was a great reminder of God setting the stage for things. Unfortunately His Way Church is no longer running and I’ve lost touch with the Pastor. I hope and pray he is okay.

The Good Word

That’s when the urge started again to find a church. I would pray asking for guidance for two things, to find a church that would focus on Christ’s teaching and for myself to learn how to do works not just have faith. I had three bible verses that were on my mind. When James said faith without works is dead, when Jesus said to remove the plank from your eye before you worry about the spec in your brother’s eye and when Jesus confronted the men about to stone the adulterous woman he said, he who is without sin cast first stone. These three were very powerful to me.

Now Jane and I still talked about how we missed our old church. Then one day on the way home, we saw an advertisement for an Easter egg hunt and the address was the same as our old church. We couldn’t…

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