Another Look At Biblical Context

I’ve written before about the importance of knowing context in the Bible I am further reminded of this when I read discussions from other Christians about a wide variety of topics.

Sometimes I see Christians use select scripture and base their entire behaviors and beliefs on those few scriptures however if you do this you may be basing your beliefs and behaviors on something that is not correct because you didn’t read the entire chapter and understood the context. Many times people even read articles and books about scripture that has a few verses in the content but they don’t actually read the actual full content of the Bible.

This can be dangerous, people can manipulate scripture to make it sound the way they want. Some can abuse scripture and others can go their entire lives adamantly believing something only to be shocked to find out the Bible teaches something different than what they have been told. Worse their emotions might lead to them completely ignoring scripture because they’re attached to what they have been told.

It’s your job to read the scripture in it’s entirety, know God’s word not just part of it or your may not know God’s word at all.

I heard a Pastor named Michael Rowntree use an analogy, he said imagine if someone took a book and just picked parts of that book out of context in order to know what the book was about.

That would be a poor way of reading and understanding the story.

Now imagine doing that with the most important book in the world the Bible.

That is a wise thing to think about. 

Read the Word of God, know the Word of God and Love the Word of God.

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Scripture Reading Plan:

Monday – 2 Samuel 11:1-15

Tuesday – Psalm 14

Wednesday – Ephesians 3:14-21

Thursday – John 6:1-21