My Mentality When It Comes To God Healing

There is an ongoing debate for a very long time on the “Gifts of the Spirit”, cessationists believe gifts like tongues, prophecy and healing have ceased while charismatics and continuationists (not always the same as charismatics) believe those gifts are still for today. 

Today I am focusing on healing, specifically my mentality when it comes to someone who says they have been healed by God. 

Now contrary to many charismatics beliefs most cessationists will say God still heals but they say an individual does not have the gift of healing. I am not going to get into that debate or reveal my stance on the Gifts in this entry but I wanted to make that clear before I moved on. 

Back to the topic of the blog, this is my mentality when it comes someone who claims they have been healed. If a person tells me they have had a miraculous healing I just praise God and tell the person how wonderful it is.

I am not saying we shouldn’t use discernment or just blindly believe someone but the last thing I want is my default position to be skepticism. 

Skepticism in the guise of discernment seems to be increasing these days not just when it comes to healing either. 

I want my default position to be praising God and believing in His power.

I’m not trying to build a straw man argument here. I am not saying others who are skeptical don’t believe in God’s power or praise Him, what I am saying is I want my instincts to be praise and belief not skepticism.

Think about it from a risk stand point. We are called to fear God right?

Praising Him and believing in a healing or any other miraculous event has no risk. If the person is lying, you did nothing sinful by believing a miracle and praising God. 

The only person who would be at risk is the person who is lying, they’re the one in sin.

But look at the skeptic position, if God was choosing to show His glory through a miraculous event like healing and you decide to automatically not believe in the position until you have evidence that position worries me. 

Even worse imagine if you publicly denounce a possible miracle from God and you’re wrong. You just interfered with God showcasing His glory, power and might.

To me in my opinion down playing or not believing in a healing or a miracle that happened to a Christian brother or sister without real reason or evidence shows a lack of faith and fear of God.

That may sound harsh but it’s a path of choosing guilt before innocence.

So I praise God and trust in His power to do miracles and trust in His justice to handle those who deceive.

But even better if I’m wrong or your wrong I praise God for His amazing grace.

Have a Blessed Week,



2 thoughts on “My Mentality When It Comes To God Healing

  1. mlikejesus February 28, 2023 / 4:16 am

    I don’t believe someone has the gift of healing. We can pray for God’s Will and His will (will be done). I believe on the laying of hands but not someone to say they have the gift of healing. The power of healing belongs to God and God alone. The power comes from God. So, this idea that we should take a healing class is wrong. To say someone has the power to heal someone is absurd. Only God has that power and it’s up to God if He heals on this side of heaven or the other side. Do I believe God can heal someone miraculously? YES I DO. It is absurd to say if you have enough faith God will heal you. I’ve known people who had great faith but was not healed in this world. Sooner or later we all die from something unless Jesus comes back first. So, can God perform a miraculous healing through prayer and fasting? You bet He can. But no man, woman, or child has the power to heal because that power belongs to God and God alone. I’ll get some criticism back I’m sure. But biblically this is how I stand.

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    • The Good Word February 28, 2023 / 12:37 pm

      You’re not going to get any criticism from me. I appreciate your take and comment.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and give your views.

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