Discerning If You Heard From God: Test Two

Hello everyone, 

Last week we covered one way to test if you’re hearing from God, please feel free to go check that out. 

A second way to test if you’re hearing God is, are you only hearing things that you want to hear? Does everything you hear about yourself, what you want, what is expected of you exactly what you want to hear? Is what you hear in your mind or through others who claim they’re speaking from God just tickling your hears? Are you being drawn away from church or living a Christian life? Is everything you hear about making your life easier? 

For example, if you keep hearing, how wonderful you are and that we are all sinners so don’t feel guilty. Just be you. Things like it’s okay it was only a white lie or a little sin.

That certainly isn’t God.

I am of course not saying God won’t say anything nice to you or offer encouragement or tell you that He loves you but what I am saying if everything you hear is just telling you what you want to hear then that is not from God. Because that is not life as a true Christian. 

Now are you hearing God tell you what you need to change? Is God exposing to your sins and leading you on the path to sanctification? Is God challenging you to serve Him better? To go out and live for Him? Are people telling you things that you need to hear, not just want? Are people drawing you into service to God? Is what you hear causing you to be a better follower of Christ? 

If you can say yes.

That sounds like  messages from the Lord to me. 


Because that is what we are called to do, live a self-sacrificial life. Constantly walking down the narrow path, serving Christ, suffering and make changes along the way to be the way God wants us to be. Praising Him along the way when blessings come and praising Him when trials come. 

Next week I am going to take a week off but after that it will be my final entry of the series. The most important test. 

Have a Blessed Couple of Weeks, 


One thought on “Discerning If You Heard From God: Test Two

  1. Bob August 30, 2022 / 12:24 pm

    It just seems to me that we have everything we need to know that which would please or otherwise displease God. We have the Ten Commandments. We have the book of Proverbs. We have numerous passages throughout the Bible regarding
    how we should live and act. Romans 12 comes to mind. I sense, therefore, that the need to ‘personally hear’ from God is potentially fraught with error and indicative of an immature faith. Christians have at their disposal all the tools required to deal with 99.9995% which come their way. If we follow the teachings contained within the Bible, I submit that any decision made is pleasing to God. God desires us to live a moral life and exhibit wisdom. I like how Garry Friesen states it in his book, Decision Making and the Will of God; “Seeking God’s moral will and wisdom is active. Trusting God to be sovereign and to give special guidance when needed is passive.” Pg 221. The need to seek a “personal will” or otherwise seek assurance of decisions made (so long as it is within the moral limits of what God has stated) is pointless.


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