Discerning If You Heard From God: Test One

The first way I will discuss to test if what you heard is from God is a relatively easy one. Did what you hear come true? 

An example of this, did you think you heard God tell you that you were going to get a certain job you applied for and in the end you did not get the job? Well then what you heard, no matter the source, was not true. Don’t make excuses or come up with reasons as to why it did not come to pass. Simply realize that was not God but either your own mind or someone else’s wishful thinking. 

Let’s not speculate, just trust in the Lord and recognize that was not Him. Don’t feel down about it and don’t condemn someone who misspoke to you. Instead go to the Word of God. Because even if you didn’t hear a word from the Lord, you have the Word of God at your fingertips. Praise God. 

Now on the other side If you hear a message from the Lord in whatever way that was clear and specific and it does come to pass, then praise God it appears the Lord spoke to you. 

Give all the glory to God and keep seeking after Him and studying His Word. 

I know this first entry was brief but I hope it helped. 

See you all next week. 

Be Blessed, 

Scripture Reading Plan
Monday – Jeremiah 2:4-13

Tuesday – Psalm 112

Wednesday – Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16

Thursday – Luke 14:1, 7-14



2 thoughts on “Discerning If You Heard From God: Test One

  1. Bob August 22, 2022 / 3:12 pm

    I can’t help but think that this kind of faith, believing one ‘hears’ something – or even thinks some path, future event or activity emanates from God which then fails to come to fruition is disconcerting at best and can ultimately leads to the loss of faith. I am ever amazed at the number of Christians who have claimed the promise of Jer 29:11 only to eventually have to deal with a cancer diagnosis, divorce, wayward kids, financial difficulties … the list is endless … who come to a point of essentially telling God to put his will where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Josh McDowell wrote a book, God’s Will, God’s Best in which he delineates a universal will and a specific will. And all too often that specific will is slowly delivered on a scroll requiring faith and trust and questioning all the while if something is or is not from God.

    McDowell references open/closed doors and circumstances. But the telling of how nonsensical these approaches are can be found on pg 114:

    “…a closed door [might be] a good indication from circumstances that God wants to send you into something else. However, it might be you should knock on that closed door a little bit to be sure it should stay closed. And just because a door seems wide open doesn’t automatically mean you should run right through it.”

    “Now, you have to be careful with circumstances … because if the going gets rough it doesn’t necessarily mean the situation isn’t God’s will for you.”

    This is utter nonsense! What kind of advise is this? I submit that folks who follow the likes of Josh McDowell ultimately take the path of least resistance. Life is hard. Decision-making can be complicated and frustrating given a lack of information and a failure to think through to logical outcomes.

    Does God have a specific will for individuals? I submit that in 99.9995% of the time the answer is no – save for various OT prophets/leaders and the likes of Paul and maybe some of the disciples and apostles. The best way to live – forgo the notion of any specific will and follow the teachings of Proverbs and passages such as Romans 12.

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    • The Good Word August 22, 2022 / 4:38 pm

      I appreciate your insight.

      I don’t have a lot to say in response really.

      However I do want to touch on the last quote as I too didn’t like the quote either. In general I find myself concerned with a lot of people’s obsession with explaining pain or suffering as a part of God’s ultimate plan. My Pastor has said a few times in a few different ways, “I would do a disservice to you to tell you your life will be easier when you become a Christian. Your life often times becomes harder”.

      I’ve always appreciated that.


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