Christmas Series: Joy

Today in our Christmas Series I am going to be discussing joy.

The word Joy is everywhere during the Christmas season, commercials, shows, movies, heck you can buy pretty much anything with the word joy on it during Christmas.

But in reality, all that stuff for the most part is fake and not real joy. I saw a commercial that said, “spread joy” and of course doing so was by buying presents from their store for other people. But that’s not joy that is temporary happiness.

True joy is found in God.

Joy not only in the good times but in the times of struggle and pain.

We can have Joy in knowing Jesus is Lord.

And at Christmas time we have joy remembering that He came to Earth for the purpose of redeeming us and bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.

God is true Joy.

Have a Blessed and Joyful Week,

Daily Bible Readings

Monday – Micah 5:2-5a

Tuesday – Psalm 80:1-7

Wednesday – Hebrews 10:5-10

Thursday/Sermon – Luke 1:39-55

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