Evangelism Part Three: The Christian’s Motivation

There is a question about Evangelism that should be addressed before we move forward. 

The question is, what is the motivation for Christians to evangelize?

There of course is many but to me there is three important motivations.

First and foremost, we are told by God to do so. We are called to preach the Gospel to all nations.

Second since we have established before that salvation comes through faith alone we must tell this to people.

No other “god” can save them, no good works, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re a good person. The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ. The only way to be saved is through faith in God.

We as Christians know this so we must be motivated to urgently spread the Gospel. We must have a desire for others to be saved not just ourselves. So spread the Gospel no matter what. It will take sacrifice and dedication. You may lose friends, loved ones, money, pleasures, you may even risk your life but it is what we must do.

Think of it this way, if you were in a burning building and managed to escape and you knew it was the only way. It would be cruel to just walk away from the building and be content with yourself being saved. You  need to do everything in your power to show those in the building how to be saved from the fire. Some may resist, some may not believe you, some may attack you but in the end you have to try and get them out of the flames.

But evangelism is more urgent than a burning building that could kill your body. Eternity is on the line! Stay motivated.

Finally we pray that God’s Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven, well we must be the Kingdoms representatives on Earth in order to assist in bringing His Kingdom to Earth. 

He doesn’t need us to but He wants us to. He is our Lord, He is our King, He is our God.

So we must do what our Lord says.

Have a Blessed Week,


Video on motivation for evangelism:

Daily Bible Readings:
Monday – Job 42:1-6, 10-17

Tuesday – Psalm 34:1-8, 19-22

Wednesday – Hebrews 7:23-28

Thursday – Mark 10:46-52

4 thoughts on “Evangelism Part Three: The Christian’s Motivation

  1. Half a Soul October 19, 2021 / 10:28 pm

    Jesus’ coming to earth was an act of evangelism. Without it, everyone would die in the burning building, to use your metaphor

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  2. Amy Zucker Morgenstern November 2, 2021 / 5:37 pm

    Here is the perspective of one of those people you are trying to reach and save: this entry does not attain the goal of your blog, to convey love instead of judgment. You are telling me that my religion is dooming me to hell, and what is that if not being judgmental?

    I appreciate that this is what you truly believe and that you are trying to save me from suffering, but simply saying that I am wrong will not convince me. You’re going to have to start from the understanding that I already have a religion and that I believe, as fervently as you believe in yours, that mine saves lives and souls.


    • The Good Word November 2, 2021 / 6:21 pm

      My blog is about myself not judging others. However God is the one who will judge not myself. As a Christian my mission is to bring the Gospel and part of that is explaining God will judge those who reject Him.

      It’s not about a religion dooming anyone. We are all sinners who deserve judgment from God. We doom ourselves with our actions. When you stand before God you will be judged based on sins not good works or religion but your sins. Because He is a good judge.

      If someone harmed one of your loved ones you would want the judge to judge them based on what their crime was not on their good deeds or what they believed or even if they seemed to be ignorant to the laws.

      God will judge people not me, not a religion not anyone or anything else.

      The good news of the Gospel is Jesus Christ took the penalty for our sins if you choose to reject His sacrifice and believe in another god than that is your choice. I’m not dooming you, my religion isn’t dooming you and my God is not dooming you.

      You’re dooming yourself.

      I am not going to convince you, no person convinces anyone of anything. They can only plant seeds it is up to the person to convince themselves.

      True love is wanting others to be saved. If I said anything other than the truth of the Gospel I would not love others because I would be not showing them how to be saved.


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