Yes God Wants You In Church

I see a lot of people point out reasons they don’t go to church and criticize the problems at churches. They say things like, “The Church isn’t a building, I am the church.”

While there is truth to that the Bible is clear God wants us to go to an actual church building. Because He wants us to have fellowship for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

Churches also provide services to the community, they feed the hungry, clothe those who are without, provide financial support to people in need, not to mention many, many other things.

There is a huge benefit to churches in the world.

Satan is the accuser, he is the one putting these thoughts of the negative sides of some churches in your heads.

He wants you weakened, he wants the church weakened because he knows he has no power over a church truly filled with the Holy Spirit.

God wants you strong and one way to be strong in the faith is by fellowship in church.

Recently I finished a Bible study program and the last day the book asked me to read the famous, “Love is” verses from 1 Corinthians 13. I was then told to fill out two sections an “I am” and an “I am not.”

I was shocked to see that half of what Paul says “Love is” I had to put in the “I am not” category.

Maybe it’s time for those who criticize churches to look to oneself and address their own issues and soon you may realize you have a lot of common problems with the church you criticize.

If you don’t like something about church and you point you are the church then go to a church and be a part of making things better while also correcting problems in your own and life.

Who knows maybe some of the planks you see in the church’s collective eyes are also in your own and your brothers and sisters can help remove them.

I was an anti-church person for a long time but soon I realized I have the same flaws and many worse flaws than the people I was criticizing.

Personally I cannot begin to tell you the benefits church has had on my life and walk with Christ. To have people to rely on, to be a part of helping God’s Kingdom, I am sinning less, reading scripture more. It has been a massive help to my wife and I. God changed my heart and the church is one of the tools He used.

So yes, God does want you in church and yes the church is not just a building but the building is a place the church gathers, it is the place where the family of God come together.

Don’t deprive yourself from your brothers and sisters, don’t deprive your brothers and sisters of yourself.

God loves you and He wants what is best for you.

So go to church, open your heart and humble yourself.

Have a Blessed Week,

Heritage Baptist Church Service 1/24/21:

One thought on “Yes God Wants You In Church

  1. The Good Word January 20, 2022 / 10:38 pm

    Reblogged this on The Good Word and commented:

    Throwback Thursday Post from just last year but I decided to share it because of the importance of the topic.

    In just a year I have gotten heavily involved in my church and it really has been a huge blessing.

    Also here is a video to add to the blog entry.


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