Spiritual Boxing Match

We hear often that we are all in spiritual warfare. This is both true and vastly important to remember.

For me it’s like a boxing match, sometimes I feel like I am getting overwhelmed with punches and I am going down. But we have to keep fighting no matter what.

Because in this fight the enemy we are battling is Satan and his demons.

It sounds scary when you think about it, like you are outmatched.

But the good news is you aren’t. The opposite. It’s impossible for you lose the fight.

This match will go the distance, it won’t end in a KO it will go until the time is up.

When you’re a Christian you have God on your side, He has trained you, He has given you all the tools you need to win.

Follow Him and you will win.

If you get knocked down God will help you up, He is right there in your corner.

It may feel like you lost a round but in the end God is the judge and He will declare victory to the winner.

And since you’re His you can’t lose.

Have a Blessed Week,

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