You’ve Already Won

Life on this Earth can be hard. Sometimes it feels like the struggles are never ending. Sometimes it seems like we are failing or losing.

Truth is we all on this planet struggle and feel overwhelmed by the problems in our life, Christians are not immune to this. We Christians might even feel guilty for these feelings, we question ourselves and wonder if we have lost faith.

But we must remember the Good News, even in our struggles.

Jesus has defeated satan, death and the grave, He bore our sins on the cross. Jesus has won the battle for us.

If it seems like you’re losing, you’re are not. Fight with confidence because you’ve already won through Jesus.

When the enemy attacks you know that even if he lands a blow God is there to defend you. God is there to heal you. And when you’re ready God is there to fight back. You have the power of God on your side.

The race is won.

The fight is won.

Your faith has saved you.*

So go in peace.*

Have a Blessed Week,


Here is a link to some good verses about the battle being already won.



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