Hearing God and God’s Love

Re-blogging this from last year with Valentine’s Day upcoming. Hope everyone has a good week.


The Good Word

My wife shared a nice story with me about her Valentine’s Day commute to work. She told me right as she parked, she said, “Happy Valentine’s Day God, I love you.”

She heard a loud booming voice say, “I love you too.”

She told me she had to hold back tears as she walked into work.

I love that story and it is one I will always remember.

Many Christian’s want God to talk to them but can’t hear Him. The best advice I can give is the more you listen, the more God will talk, the more you talk to God the more opportunity He has to talk to you.

Go to a quiet place and pray, remember Jesus did this. Follow His example to get closer to Him.

The key is to calm your brain and listen.

Remember how much you don’t like it when someone won’t let…

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One thought on “Hearing God and God’s Love

  1. Dr. Thomas Maples February 11, 2020 / 1:35 pm

    What a beautiful story. One time, I had a similar experience happen. I died out to God for a direction. I had been toiling with a few things for years. Lightning and thunder struck. While it may be explainable as circumstance. My direction became clear in that moment. If we only quieted ourselves within enough to hear the messages sent. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

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