Defending Yourself

When someone attacks you how should you handle it?


The Bible tells us to turn the other cheek and be slow to anger.


But the Bible makes it clear that people should defend themselves and the Word of God against those who attack.


That is why it is so important to use discernment.


Know the situation and how it differs from another. One situation you may have to ignore the person and hold your tongue, another situation you may have to say a nice thing filled with love and sometimes you may have to stand bold and not back down.


Jesus knew when to show patience, kindness and love.


He also knew when to be firm, bold and even show His anger.


Most times He ate at tables with sinners, showing love, compassion and grace. But another time He flipped a table over when enough was enough.


Know the situation.


So that when someone attacks you with hate you defend with love.


When someone attacks you with darkness you defend with light.


But when enough is enough you stand bold and strong. Flip the tables on them, battle them with scripture and don’t let them hurt you, your family or attack your God any longer. Because He is with you through it all. Let Him guide you in love and compassion, show His grace. But also let Him guide you in firmness, boldness and in your anger.


That is very important, when you speak in anger speak the way Jesus would. Because even in His firmness and anger, the love, His love was always there.


His love will always be there.


So most importantly remember this. When someone attacks with satan you defend with your Lord your God.


He is greater and stronger than all.


Have a Blessed Week,


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