The Christian Obsession with condemning

Last week I wrote about the Christian obsession with Homosexuality. I didn’t plan on writing another “obsession” article but today I am writing about the obsession with condemning others.

I’ve noticed in many comment sections or forums or even in casual conversation that a lot Christians seemed focused on the sins of those around them and pointing out who is on the path to hell or is backsliding. Like it’s their mission to expose others.

Are you really trying to warn them? Think about it. How does it make you feel when you announce to a person they’re going to Hell? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you proud? Is it enjoyable for you?

When we do this it makes me wonder is it done actually to make us feel better about our own sins and mistakes?

We have a society built on proving yourself to be better than your neighbor.

Many Christians have adapted this instead of loving their neighbor as the Bible has told us to do. Do you feel better than others because of their sin? Time to assess yourself first before you judge others.

Truth is reminding people over and over about the risks of hell does more harm then good. So many Atheists who were once Christians describe the process of abandoning their faith to be freeing.

That’s really sad to hear. My faith frees me. God takes away my worry, my shame and makes me feel I have worth.

The Bible talks of redemption, it’s filled with redemption stories.

Paul who was originally Saul murdered and persecuted Christians.  The Lord made him a leader of the new way.

Redemption is God’s goal.

He wants us all in Heaven. He wants his children with Him.

Google Jesus’ mission you will find loads of articles, not one mentions his mission was to condemn.

God’s biggest concern is us looking after each other, being kind and showing love.


Its the most powerful emotion and most important aspect in the World.

Don’t just be a hearer of the Word be a doer of the Word.

Who do you know that needs love today?

Find them and show them God’s love through you.

Have a blessed week.

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