Why I believe the Father is just in everything

I saw a post by another blogger, he wrote about how God’s love has conditions and how he feels sending anyone to hell is wrong when God can just forgive the person. I left him a comment but he did not approve that comment. I am posting my reply as my weekly blog post because I feel like I need to defend our Father in Heaven.

“I am 100% convinced God is justified in everything he does and I have no problem with his conditions.

He created a World, a paradise for us to live in and told us not to sin. The first humans chose to sin and listen to Satan rather than God. At that point God, could have said, “Okay, failed experiment, the end”. No instead he said, “I still love you but now you will die rather than live eternally. Life will become hard now”. Then people continued to sin, despite time after time God begging them to repent, patiently waiting for generations for repentance before finally bringing judgment on his people. After bringing judgment on Israel and Judah, He gave them ANOTHER chance. They still rebelled.

The Father then decided to send his son to Earth, who  faced everything we go through, poverty, hunger, not having a place to live, betrayal, torture and death. All so people could be redeemed.The only condition is to accept the sacrifice and believe. Then you have to go out and show God’s love to the World.

The idea that people can go around unbelieving, not asking for forgiveness and still get into Heaven at the end of it all seems preposterous to me.

The truth is God wants to forgive EVERYONE, he just wants to be loved back.

God created a planet, gave us everything we need to live and asked for us to love him. We are in the process of destroying that planet, we rebel against God, people sin without repentance, many curse Him or say he doesn’t exist. Despite all these things he has promised he will make a whole new Earth and people want to get into it who haven’t even acknowledged him?

Looks like our conditions our far tougher than the Lords.”

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