Helping Others

Helping others. The important job Jesus gave for us Christians. However we often forget about doing so. I know I always feel like I could do more.

Ever felt like it’s hard to get started? It feels that way for me. I remember years ago, I decided to look into volunteering for the county, I saw there was a wait list and many qualifications needed including a strict schedule. I was very discouraged. I moved on and forgot all about it.

Sometime went by and then one day on the drive to work a few years ago, I was feeling extremely guilty about a lot going on in my relationship with God, now the previous night I had prayed for guidance to help those in need. I wanted an opportunity, any opportunity to do something but here I was driving and focusing on my guilt.

I got to the light just before my job and I was staring straight ahead ashamed of myself. The light turns green, I start to drive, I look back in the rear-view mirror and there was a homeless man begging for money or food.

There was the opportunity I had been praying for. I missed it because I was to focused on myself and my past failures.

Satan wants us to feel guilty. The more guilt and shame we have the more we want to hide from God. If you feel that way pray for forgiveness and guidance on what to do now.
We all have some thing we can give  to the furthering of the Kingdom. We can help others in some way. We can donate something, even the smallest amount matters. Remember the woman who gave just a small amount to the temple, Jesus told his disciples she gave more because of her poverty than anyone else.

We can also use a talent or passion to help others. We all have a gift from God or a passion we can use to help further the Kingdom. I have always loved to read and write. I abandoned writing for a number of years, then I decided to start again. I prayed for help to get back into it. After awhile it hit me, what if I combine my passion for the Lord with my passion for writing. If God is going to help me write, I need to use my writing to help God. My goal on here is to encourage people to come to God or help encourage people whose faith is being tested or people who need an uplift. I hope this blog can help someone out there. It’s helped me that’s for sure.

But the work doesn’t stop there. My words aren’t enough. Lets all be a part of helping those in need, God gave us today, let’s get started.

I am leaving links to some scripture that I hope will help.

James “Faith without works is dead”:

The Widows offering:

30 Verses about helping others,:

God Bless,

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