God’s View of Us


We are very hung up on each other’s views on God. We ask each other about our religious views or if we believe in God. But rarely do we ever talk about God’s view of us. Usually people that do that focus on pointing the finger at others, telling them that they are going to burn in hell. They want to scare people into faith. “Be condemned or join us!”

But that is not the message God sends. Everyone knows John 3:16 but what about John 3:17? “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him”

I know that in the very next verse it says those who don’t believe will be condemned but the most consistent message in the bible is not condemnation but love. God created the World out of love, He created us out of love, he forgave us out of love. The Lord’s focus is on love so why are we focused on hate?

When someone tells me they do not believe in God, often I think, “That’s a shame because he believes in you”. He believes in us enough to allow us to have free will, to love on our own, to manage the World on our own.

Some ask “Why hasn’t Jesus returned? When is enough, enough?” Because God doesn’t want to send Jesus back yet, he is still waiting on us to do better. He wants more people to be saved. He wants us Christians to DO BETTER, to show more love, compassion and care.

God’s view of us? He loves us, forgives us, helps us, and remains with us through everything. Are we Christians (Christ-like) If we hate, condemn, turn away from those in need?

Let’s all try to view the World like God does.

Have a Blessed week

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