What is the True Church?

Last week I wrote about how, my mother’s priest spoke of division in church but as soon as I told him I was going to another church he criticized the denomination of that church. Today I want to talk about the arguing over the “true church”.

So many of us argue over who is the true church, and in doing so behave so far away from Christianity. These people miss the beauty. Heaven is going to be unsettling for a lot of people. Imagine the beauty of all the different denominations, languages, races, combined into one beautiful service. It sounds extraordinary but instead so many want themselves to be right, their ways to be right. These people are the same people when I have brought up the lateness of the hour and seem terrified of the idea of Christ return. It is because they have built a kingdom for themselves and are afraid to lose their earthly things. We must move past that because nothing we have built on Earth can compare to his Kingdom. What kind of world is Jesus coming back to? A house divided cannot stand, so certainly a kingdom divided will also fall.

God doesn’t care about the size of your church, Jesus said, that when two or three gather in his name he is there. Rags or riches, he knows what it is in your heart.

Have a blessed Week

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